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I am an experienced freelance photographer with a passion for all things photography. Having the ability with the click of my camera to freeze time and document memorable moments is an art in its self that I enjoy and love.

Specialising in lighting portrait and event photographing.  I am fully equip to cover all type of events from wedding, baby blessing to parties. I do on location printing equip with a DNP DS620 printer for best on the spot printing. For portrait I work in studios as well as from my home, I also have a mobile studio with various choice of backdrops I can travel to you on location or in the luxury of your own home.  I like working outdoors as being able to capture the natural light can set the perfect mood and help tell a hidden story. 

At Koolvibes Photo Studio  I am always scoping interesting projects to capture, and constantly testing new ways to challenge my styles and techniques.

I will help you to explore new ideas and boundaries, captivating your very own unique style and mood.




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